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    Paper Airplane Project    

An exhibition 3rd to 31st Oct 2011

Participating Schools:
Islamia Public School
Government Middle School
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Children of Old Town, Leh

Exhibition Design:
Sharon Sonam (Program Officer)
Irfan Salam (LAMO Fellow)
Disket Spaldon (Program Officer, Media)
Rinchen Dolkar (Librarian & Outreach Officer)

Short film by Disket Spaldon and an audio-visual by Irfan Salam

The Paper Airplane Project is an interactive workshop that engages children to explore their creativity, collaborate and provide an introduction to process-based art. Baptist Coelho uses the construction of paper airplanes as a communication tool for children to express themselves, while visualizing their dreams and aspirations.

The Paper Airplane Project was developed from Coelho’s installation entitled, RE(WIND), 2006. This site-specific work consisted of paper airplanes, which appear to fly into a room through an open window. The project encouraged children to construct paper airplanes, incorporate ideas about adulthood and create art works which would represent their dreams; using their paper airplanes and selected objects. This experience culminated in a final performance where children flew their paper airplanes and then attached them on a wall, called the ‘Wall of Dreams’.

The experience of constructing deceptively simple paper airplanes became the medium for children to creatively express themselves and visualize their own abilities. Through the practice of construction, installation and performance, the children were introduced to the process of creating and developing an artwork. During the course of these workshops, Baptist also explored his role as artist and gave the children an understanding about collaborative projects and the function of art in a community.

The Paper Airplane Project became a voice for children’s dreams and the benchmark for ongoing collaborations with children from various schools worldwide. This process began the mapping of the similarities and differences which children from various cultures experienced. Since 2008, the Paper Airplane Project has been realized by participating schools in India, South Korea, Thailand, Switzerland and Poland.

Baptist Coelho received his MA from BIAD, UK (2006) and has held several solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.

The Paper Airplane Project by artist Baptist Coelho, has been supported in Leh by LAMO.


paper plane

paper plane

paper plane

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