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The Himalayan region of Ladakh has a rich artistic heritage. Despite its harsh terrain, Ladakh has long been a location where people, commerce and cultures intermingled and its art forms reflect multicultural influences. Each art form contains a storehouse of information, making it important for the dissemination of the vital cultural material that is part of a community’s shared heritage. Today, the arts are vulnerable to dramatic transformations in the economic and social world of Ladakh. Knowledge and skills are endangered as the pressures of globalization and modernity have resulted in the marginalization of key arts practices. 

LAMO aims to revitalize living art forms, which are a rich resource of potential livelihood and knowledge about the history and life of the people who created them. Its work is founded on the principle that culture is not merely rooted in tradition but is also open to change and innovation.

LAMO’s Objectives:

  • To Promote the Creative Heritage of the Region
  • To Promote Diversity and Pluralism through Arts and Media

Leh Palace in the old days



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