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    Basic fine art foundation Workshop    

Chemat Dorjey, LAMO Fellow and a graduate student of Fine Arts, Jammu College for Fine Arts and Music.

“As a student of modern art I thought it would be helpful to have a basic fine art foundation workshop with young students in Leh, especially for those students who want to take art from being just a hobby to a serious career. I felt that with some fine art foundation basics, students would be able to practice and further develop their interest and skills so that when they go for an entrance examination for higher studies in art, they know their basics and they do well.”

The workshop was held for 9 days, from the 21st to 30th July 2011.  It was geared towards students from grades 9 to 12. Sixteen students from different schools in and around Leh attended the workshop. However, younger students who were interested also actively participated in the workshop.

The exercises were based on the basics in fine arts:
1. Free hand exercise on a piece of paper or a sheet of newspaper: this exercise was done in order to relax the hand muscles in order to get a better control over the hand.

2. Sketching: students sketched their choice of any object, scenery, buildings, and animals. The objective of this exercise was to teach the students the basics of sketching keeping in mind the principle of “minimum line, maximum impression.”

3. Control of pencil and rendering: This taught the students the technique of using a pencil to produce different shades

4. Still life object drawing: In this, the students were required to observe the still life object placed in front of them in order to understand its lighting, the proportion, texture and how to transfer these element into their drawing through rendering.

5. Colours: A basic introduction about primary and secondary colours was given. Students were taught how to produce secondary colours out of the three primary colours through the colour-wheel exercise.

6. Colour tone: Students were required to choose one colour and then to take out more than ten different shades of that colour with the help of adding either black or white.

7. Basic Colour and Design: The students were made to draw the three basic geometrical shapes with the help of a compass and a ruler so that they overlapped and bisected each other. The shapes were coloured in according to how the lines intersected.

8. Discussions with students about art as a career took place during the course of this workshop where they were advised on possible careers, courses, institutes, colleges the students could think about considering. Students were encouraged to share their experience of this workshop at the school level, where they could gain confidence in self-expression and inform other interested students about such workshops and art in general.

On the last day of the workshop the students were given time to apply all the skills and technical information they had gained over the course of the workshop and to create an art work.

On the final day of the workshop students along with their parents and friends were invited to the LAMO Centre to see the exhibition of the artwork produced during the workshop. They were also invited to view a short film made by Chemat and edited by Sharon Sonam covering the workshop activities.

The students presented their work and shared their experiences of the workshop. This was followed by an informal discussion with the visitors and the students about the importance of such workshops for children in Ladakh.

Dorjay Tsering, Lamdon Model School, 9th Standard
Jigmat Namgial, Lamdon Model School, 8th Standard
Jigmet Urgain, JNV School, 11th Standard
Konchok Tundup, Lamdon Model School, 9th Standard
Rigzen Nurboo, Ladakh Public School, 5th Standard
Shefail Ahmed, Moravian Mission School, 7th Standard
Skarma Sonam, Lamdon Model School, 9th Standard
Tashi Sonam Angmo
Sonam Chosdon, Ladakh Public School, 8th Standard
Sonam Phuntsog
Stanzin Otsal, JNV School, 8th Standard
Tundup Angmo, Lamdon Model School, 10th Standard
Tundup Dolma, Lamdon Model School, 10th Standard
Tsewang Dorjey, Ladakh Model School, 10th Standard
Tsewang Gurmet, Lamdon Model Sr. Sec. School, 12th Standard


fine art workshop at Lamo


fine art workshop at Lamo


fine art workshop at Lamo


fine art workshop at Lamo


fine art workshop at Lamo







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