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    The crane workshop    

Lena Maria Mühlig and Wiebe Alpen, volunteers from the Tara Trust in Goa held a 4 day workshop at the LAMO Centre over a period of 3 weeks in May-June 2011. This was for children living in Old Town between the ages of 7 to 15 years.

The crane workshop was held as part of a goodwill gesture and support to children who were victims of Japan’s tsunami last year. Many of the children who took part in the workshop had themselves experienced the devastation caused by the floods in Ladakh in August 2010.

In the first part of the workshop the children learnt how to make cranes using origami techniques. They painted, coloured and wrote messages on the paper cranes that were then sent to the children in Japan. Lena and Wiebe taught the children a song about cranes and hope.

In the second part of the workshop the children painted colourful cranes, sceneries, symbols of peace, luck and hope and wrote short messages on t- shirts. These were sent along with the cranes to Japan.

For the last part of the workshop, children got into groups and performed a short skit each with a moral or a message they wanted to send to the children in Japan. These skits were recorded along with a final performance of the song they learned and put on a CD and sent to Japan.

The Old Town children enjoyed the activity and sharing. They learnt some origami, and were confident interacting with the volunteers and performing in front of the camera.
Lena and Wiebe also held a one-day workshop in needlework with women in Old Town. Called the “monkey workshop”, the basic objective of this was to demonstrate to the women how they could be creative with material lying around the house that we usually dismiss as being ordinary or useless. They leant how to make stuffed toys using old socks, and other forms of waste material.


crane workshop

crane workshop

crane workshop


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